Monday, July 11, 2016

Felda Scholarship Interview

Helloooo, it's been a while since I wrote on this blog. Well, to be frank, it's been about three years isn't it? I doubt anyone would ever visit this blog, let alone read this post. Suddenly writing a post (in English, no less!!) is because I wanted to share about my experience during the FELDA interview. This might help my juniors for their future interviews. Helping people, dapat pahala, so why not? I relied on blog posts a lot before going to any scholarship interviews (sadly, there's not much about FELDA's), figured this might help boost confidence for someone.

The interview was a few months ago, in fact, I don't even remember the exact date anymore hehe so it's a bit hazy in my mind. But I'll try my best!

Now, to be honest felda's interview was quite a hassle. A LOT of hassle, really. The first stage was a two days programme at the D'Saji restaurant owned by Felda. We weren't given any accommodation. Even the transportation was on our own. Fortunately, I live in Selangor so it was just an hour drive from home. Pity those who came all the way from Kelantan, Penang etc just for the interview. Nonetheless, all is well the moment we saw the food served for us. I tell you, those were hotel food! For free! I'm a happy girl, you got me there, Felda. xD

Sorry, I got sidetracked a bit. Juniors, there's nothing to be worried about on the first day! It's merely briefing and playing games. There's no judgement on our characters, yet. It's probably to make us feel more comfortable with the staff. They were really kind and funny too, but we didn't know what was happening at the moment (I mean, why did we play games???? Was that necessary??) so we were constantly on edge. Unnerving, really ugagagaa. 

The second day was when the real challenge began. First thing in the morning, we were asked to write essays. And the topic wasn't an easy one, depends on your knowledge on Felda. The question given to me, if I'm not mistaken, was the ways to improve felda something something I don't remember hahaa. Basically, you need to brush up on your knowledge on Felda; when were they established, what field do they specialise in etc. It's not so much about the facts as it is more to crititical thinking. But if you want to impress those people, you have to write like you've done your homework (which you have to, btw). Next test was more of an IQ test (multiple choice), the questions were okay, I guess. The challenge was trying to get it done within a very short range of time given. I completely hantam the last 20 questions, better than leaving it empty.

So that was it. You'll have to wait and see if you pass for the next and final stage; the face to face interview (which I prefer much more than writing essays). We were told that the decision wasn't entirely on the test given. It's (if I'm not mistaken) 20% from your SPM result, 20% from the tests and another 60% based on the face to face interview if you pass for the second stage.

Alhamdulillah! I passed woohooo. 

The interview was in the following month. It ranges from being a super laid back session to i-wanna-die-right-now kinda interview, depends on the interviewer. Some of the interviewees were asked hard solid facts regarding Felda, some were asked to describe on a current issue given and some were asked normal questions such as why, what blahblah. To be safe, you really have to know what the current issues are and read up on Felda's history and its many establishments. I was sooo lucky to get the easy one hahaa. That was probably because they were too tired to ask for KBAT questions anymore because I was one of the last to go. Btw, come early and register early so you can be interviewed earlier. I waited from 8 am and only got interviewed at 4 pm (imagine the wait omg…. hell) 

So yeah, that's just it! A few weeks later a got a call from Felda and Alhamdulillah, I won myself a scholarship yearghhhh. A levels to KYUEM, which I'm gonna register next week. Wish me luck bruh.